GASTRO*KORFood and Beverages


Gastro business package consists of several segments:

  • cash register operations in catering
  • food and drink control and accounts
  • warehouse operations
  • material operations
  • purchasing

All segments are interconnected and are generally delivered together.


Cash register operations in catering

Cash register operation program is user friendly and adapted to use/operation on different devices:

  • regular PC configuration with regular keyboard
  • PC configuration with programmable keyboard with or without magnet card reader
  • PC configuration, programmable keyboards and handheld devices
  • touch-screen devices

Various modes of operation are supported - restaurant, bar and café operations.

Restaurant operations are characterized by orders and checks recorded per table, receipt slips. If they are a segment of hotel operations, then there is a possibility of charging rooms, as well.

Cash register control is done from the back office and all transactions are fully transparent.

Food and beverage control and accounts

Back office of catering cash registers prepares data that are shown on cash registers, and settles accounts at the end of each workday.

Control and analysis of the obtained data is one of the most important tasks of this segment. These programs are the source for the said tasks.

Sales at cash registers are reported according to several criteria:

  • payment method
  • tax groups
  • cost center
  • operator (waiter/waitress)

Cost control, from recipe management to sales and volume analysis


  • simple recipe entering
  • unlimited number of recipes
  • recipes as parts of other recipes
  • recipe time component
  • process waste monitoring
  • item/menu calculation and analysis

Various sales analyses

  • top sellers
  • analysis according to the margin
  • average check value
  • average table occupation time
  • sold items sorted according different criteria
  • periodic sales analyses
  • banquet and event calculations
  • ABC actual sales data analysis
  • purchasing for events and sales planning (meals, weddings, business lunches, groups...)

Warehouse link


Processing is a small part of the specific warehouse operations that serves to record foodstuffs correctly according to prices and recipe ingredients. The program is used for material such as pork or veal halves or any other material that is not purchased packaged.

Cost calculation according to sold items

Various methods can be applied to cost calculation. Users choose the method that best suits their needs:

  • traditional control through inventory
  • automatic processing using ingredient consumption according to the used recipes, on a daily or monthly basis
  • result comparison through automatic processing and actual warehouse inventory


Gastro system can produce articles not only for a single establishment, but also for multiple establishments.

A good example would be cakes and sandwiches that are produced in the main kitchen, but are sold at dislocated points of sale.


  • sales reports, consumption report, sales per waiter/waitress
  • realization list per individual items
  • expenditure list
  • matrix reports