MAT*KORMaterial and warehouse management


Basic data

  • unlimited number of items
  • different entries and exits per warehouse and item
  • individualized item criteria per groups / main groups / item groups

Entries of goods

  • easy data entry with built-in control
  • supplier search by alphabet
  • item search by alphabet or number
  • optional bookkeeping per cost center
  • last delivery price visible
  • automatic tax addition/subtraction to/from item price
  • central warehouse access
  • direct access to secondary warehouses
  • recording goods according to requisition slip or invoice
  • item entry list according to various criteria
  • current warehouse inventory and analysis
  • change and new book entry of the item

Item exit

  • quick and easy item volume retrieval
  • simple entry of standard item exit (requisition slip)
  • warehouse management according to HIFO, LIFO method or average weighted price
  • possible transfer of goods between warehouses - inter-warehouse receipt
  • return of items in the central warehouse
  • entering loss (breakage, disappearance, theft)


  • inventory list per warehouse
  • inventory list editing
  • simple entry of counted inventory
  • surplus and deficit list
  • free choice of inventory - periodic needs

Purchasing module, from ordering methods to delivered goods

  • minimal and maximal quantity of stored items
  • easy management of standard orders
  • item data - the highest, average and the lowest price
  • supplier and item data - the highest, average and the lowest price
  • total volume of work with a supplier
  • automatic suggestion of lowest priced item
  • automatic suggestion for best supplier
  • order form printout
  • direct emailing of order forms