Controlling program is a BI system for creation of ad hoc reports and overviews that supports demanding analyses and business projections.

A data group can be analyzed by simple choice of dimensions, filters and shapes, stored in database, as well as presented in form of a graph, compared...


  • one measure, one dimension
  • more measures, more dimensions
  • column and row creation for reports
  • graph of chosen data group
  • creating and saving templates
  • report printout and/or data export into other programs

Data subgroup: arrival and overnight stay statistics


  • arrivals (guests, rooms)
  • overnight stays (guests, rooms)
  • late checkout (guests, rooms)
  • canceled reservations (guests, rooms)
  • no show (guests, rooms)
  • new reservations


  • time (year, quarter, month, day)
  • customers (name, country, agent, mother company)
  • agents (name, country, statistic region, city)
  • guests (country, statistic region, city, guest type, reason for visit)
  • job (market group, market segment, order method, kind of job, source)